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It’s all about connections

Email Marketing meets Social Publishing

Email Marketing Works Better when you Work Together

Every organization has a network. It might consist of coworkers, suppliers, members, sales reps, consumers or any combination of these. This network shares a common vision, goals and approach to business. Shouldn’t your communication platform do the same?

Connect+ by GraphicMail gives you the tools to meet your shared communication objectives.  Connect+ is a social content management system that is integrated into GraphicMail’s email marketing tool. With it you can:

  1. Share content and resources with other members in your network.
  2. Browse and use content posted and shared by people in your network
  3. Create your messages from your content, content shared on your network or content you found on the Internet.
  4. Get your message out by email or social media posts.
  5. Include viral call outs on messaging to increase reach.

Communicate more efficiently and more effectively with Connect+ !  Call us today for a demo.